History and experience

Omega Systems is a technology company that since the end of 2014 has a vision to continuously implement its development strategy through the provision of quality technology support services, adding value in our collaborations and aiming at modernization and the digital transformation of companies for the strengthening and support of the modern professional.

Through our staff network with professionals and specialists, able to provide us with the basic services for our projects and activities.

Means Our communications mainly include web platforms, ICT tools, digital marketing solutions, digital logistics and mobile applications. We continue the technological developments in order we provide portable and easily accessible information to our end users.

So far, the Omega Systems measures more than 35 projects nationwide with contributions and contributions in the local technological ecosystem.

With more than 3,000,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries, we support τη our commitment to continue to offer high quality services for to enhance the profile and skills of modern professionals and lead companies to today's reality set is based on technology through digital transformation.

What we do

Our organization consists of a team of experts with different backgrounds, all experienced and able to implement projects in the framework of European and international programs in the fields of Digital Transformation and Innovation.

Participation in a project awarded by the European Union in the last 3 years

Development of management tools and Guidelines for the immediate protection of biodiversity on coastal areas affected by marine erosion and the establishment of appropriate environmental control systems (TRITON) Pilot testing and joint development of tools with the participation of local / agencies and players