Are you an entrepreneur or a freelancer?

Start immediately

You do not need to have accounting knowledge. Create and easily register your transactions from the very first day, forwarding your files to your accountant.

Save time

Get rid of papers and handwritten entries. Automate billing, expense tracking and your other activity, with just a few clicks.

Work in the Cloud

No investments and facilities. All you need is one internet connection to connect from desktop, your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.

Are you a freelancer?

Do not waste any more time with pads, papers, excel sheets and phones. Simplifies pricing of your customers and recording your expenses so you can know at all times how much money you are making.

Do you own a small business?

Get rid of complexity. It makes everything easy for you, helping you win valuable time daily to focus on your customers and grow your business.

Invoice from everywhere

Easily and accurately record all your transactions, at the exact moment they are created, through any device. The operation of your business is literally in your hands.


Connect with the most popular marketplace on the market!

Easily, quickly and completely automated with the new module GO Skroutz Connector, you can connect and handle all related tasks and transactions with the largest electronics platform trade.