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Website and eshop development

We build websites, eshop, blog and web applications. Beautiful, functional and easily manageable

Once we make clear the goals of your company then we move on in the design of your website. This means that website construction by the Omega Systems team is not limited only in beautiful appearance but in creating a website that combines beautiful-unique appearance and contributes to your business goals.


The speed of your website is important for the your visitors to have a pleasant experience while navigating. It also ensures the stay of guests in your web page . The Omega Systems team takes the necessary steps to get all the pages to load in few seconds. Fast website and enjoyable navigation means repeated visitors!

Responsive Design

A very large percentage of internet users use mobile or the tablet for their navigation. Your website will appear equally beautiful on all screens: mobile phone, tablet, laptop, monitor (responsive design). So those who visit the website via mobile phone or tablet will not give up but also your company will have a modernized look.

Direct Cooperation. Personalized Solutions for Building Your Website

Create & Connect with Social 


Social Networks can be turned into determinants of growth of your sales . We create accounts on all the Social Media that you want and we advise for which will be more profitable depending on your business. We also plan the profile and cover images to match the colors of your website so you have a uniform presence on the internet. You can also assign the management of Your Social Networks at Omega Systems Social Media Experts to take over and increase your sales and customers.​


– Google Friendly

One of the main channels for gaining visitors of your website will be the Google search machine. That's why your website needs to be user friendly so that your customers can easily find you. The Omega Systems team improves your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to be located at first places. Also our team writes attractive titles and descriptions so the visitors choose your website. Finally, we proceed to configuration of your texts to perform well for search engines (Google)

Web Development 


W3C for people with disabilities who meet all the criteria. We have a lot of experience on disability websites to be friendly to people with disabilities. Website design with WCAG 2.0 certification that facilitate access to people with vision, hearing, learning disabilities, limited movement and photosensitivity.


Affordable website and e-shop 


We work with companies and individuals in Patras, Athens, Thessaloniki, and all Greece for the provision of web design services, web site promotion and optimization web page loading speed, at the best market prices, with visible and direct result. We combine the excellent knowledge of technology with a specific methodology that we have develop during our many years of involvement in web design/development.

Website Hosting
Secure Website Hosting with Optimal Performance.
Depending on the goals you have and the type of your website (eg e-shop, news portal etc) we adapt to Omega Systems the best web hosting package to bring you the better strong results. The technical infrastructure required for web hosting, it depends on several factors, such as the use you want it to have, the desired traffic and the storage space you need. Our service is available 24/7. As long as we host your website (that is, we do web hosting) your users and potential customers can visit it, simply by entering your domain name.
Your computer connects to our company server, which hosts your website and afterward the server sends the saved files for display to the visitor's device. It is essentially the most technical and necessary part of creating a website. We briefly mention the services we provide, which cover everything related to internet and technical Website Design. For any clarification or further information regarding web hosting, you can contact us. Our technicians will serve you immediately.
Included in all packages
Unlimited disk space

Upload as many photos and files as you need for your site. The fastest SSDs is always available.

Unlimited traffic

Your E-shop or your corporate site should always be available. That's why we do not put no restrictions on your traffic.

24/7 unlimited support

The only company with a guaranteed response time to tickets. A hosting guru is always available.

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited email accounts. So that everyone in your company has a professional email with antispam.

Free SSL

Climb higher on Google and offer security to your visitors with free SSL.

Unlimited MySQL

Create as many databases as you need. Easy to manage by PHPMyAdmin.

Ideal for WordPress

Carefully optimized Hosting for WordPress, by specialized WordPress engineers. Get access to the powerful WordPress toolkit.

Free site transfer

No downtime. 100% guarantee of excellent operation. Transfer all your emails along with their settings. Free 2 months hosting with each transfer. It only concerns WordPress websites.

Extreme performance

The visitors of your site, love the pages that load quickly. With very fast SSD disks, Nginx caching and HTTP / 2 your sites load immediately.

You are always online

Special software performs 24/7 preventive monitoring on over 200 metrics on each server. So we intervene on the servers long before problems arise.

Unlimited support

We all need help from someone more experienced at some point. For whatever if needed, we are here 24/7 to help.

Unlimited stack

All the technologies you need to develop, from a personal blog to a large one e-commerce application. PHP 7, Apache, Ruby on Rails, Nginx, Node.js, MySQL, HTTP / 2, SSL.

Website promotion

Search Engine Marketing

If you wish to include your own website in the first search pages, one of the methods you can use is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM is a wider set of individual marketing methods, which are utilized for the promotion of websites, traffic increase and the achievement of high ranking in search results


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimization in the structure, content and technical characteristics of a website, so that it is friendly to users and internet search engines.


Google,Facebook,Instagram Ads

Our services will radically change the way your business operates at Internet. The improvement in the recognition of your brand will be dramatic, through the higher website traffic, increased satisfied customers and methodical tracking of important indexes on your pages on all Social Media.

Our Services

At Omega Systems, our mission is to create sustainable and profitable businesses which compete in the competitive e-commerce industry. Our priority is the achievement of goals but also the satisfaction of the needs of your customers. Our purpose is the Innovative approach to your business on the internet. Our priority is the achievement of the goals but also meeting the needs of your customers. You have a team at your disposal from business consultants, web designers and developers, and digital marketers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of Google's leading services, which offers detailed information about the traffic of a website. More specifically, through specific service you can see how visitors arrived at your site, what time provided, in which internal pages, as well as many more information that can get you help with the optimization of your site. Also through the specific processing, you can check and yes analyze the results of potential ad campaigns you are running through this.


Google Ads

Google ads is an online advertising service for displaying a short story advertising message. Google also offers web-targeted, text-based advertising, banner, enriched ads and more. Why advertise on Google? Immediate traffic from the first day of creating the ads. -You can advertise with a lot of keywords, which is not the case with SEO (Searche Engine Optimization) -You can advertise not only with text but also with image, on other partners sites of Google -You will increase sales and phone calls -With continuous advertising there will be growth of your Brand.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creation and distributing content of interest, with the goal of attracting and retaining one specified public, which will then proceed to some profitable action. It's about an evolving and repetitive process that can make your business to differ from the others. After all, the goal of content marketing is to show to the potencial customers that you know your subject very well and that you are one of the top companies in your area.


Social Media Marketing

The promotion or marketing of social networking is one of the most important parts of digital product promotion and advertising. It concerns the actions taken in social networks, which aim to promote business products and services.