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Digital signature

Until recently, the authenticity & legality of a document was always equivalent to signature or the seal it bore. Now and in accordance with European and Greek legislation, electronics documents of all kinds have been assimilated and tend to replace physical printed documents. To To achieve this, the signature of the author is required, as well as the seal of the publisher respectively, to be "intangible" ie digital.

The digital signature replaces the validation of the responsible statements or other documents and applications through KEP or another public authority. In the case of digital documents therefore, that are required to have legal force equivalent to printed documents, the use of digital is required signature. The digital signature of the digital document holder must be entered. Ensures the legality and is a proof of ownership and integrity of the document in a specific time. This is achieved through the use of Digital Certificates.

Η Omega Systems , has years of experience, know-how and excellence trained staff specialized in digital signature installation. Provides services tailored to the needs and requirements of each company or body with which it develops cooperation. The main goal is holistic approach to the needs of each customer. Our goal is to provide complete service packages which I will meet even the greatest demands of our customers.

Procurement Application

For the application / order / issuance / receipt of a Recognized Digital Certificate Remote Digital Signature, as a rule, the following procedure is followed. for adults Multi-user organizations can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization. THE This procedure is required by the current regulatory framework of Greece and the European Union, for the identification of the holders of Recognized Digital Certificates.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Submission of the Application / Order Electronically (from the website) or by E-Mail (after download the application and complete it) or in another convenient way.
  2. Repayment of the payment, noting that the cost of each certificate depends on the number (eg large organizations with many users) and its duration (1 to 3 years).
  3. The issuance of the certificates requires the identification of the person (confirmation of authenticity of the data) holder of the certificates.It can also be done with legal authorization. Then the applicant for the certificates (subscriber in the relevant terminology) or o authorized, must have together and submit:
    • Certified copy of identification document (Police or Military ID, Passport, etc.) of the applicant (and any authorized person, who should have it complete and validate the receipt authorization).
    • Completed and signed the Application / Purchase Order with genuine signature.
    • The Agreement is signed with the Terms of the Subscriber Agreement (on each page).

After the above procedures are successfully completed and confirmed, the Recognized ones are activated Certificates and the PIN password is sent via SMS as well as a link for installation of device drivers. Note that for Remote Signing the private keys are stored in HSM (Hardware Security Module) which acts as a PYE (Trust Services Provider). HSMs are Certificate safe storage devices and these certificates in HSM are accessible only to their users remotely, securely through two-tier authentication techniques (e.g. credentials username - password and one-time password on smart phone).

The process of issuing Recognized Certificates takes 2-3 days as long as supporting documents etc are sent by courier or within half an hour to our company.

ADDY application Remote Application

Subscriber Agreement

Terms and conditions

The attached document (hereinafter Subscriber Contract) for the acquisition of electronics signature / stamp, issued by the Certification Authority (CA or Trust Center), stipulates the terms and conditions governing the provision of Certified Recognition services Certificates (AP or QC Qualified Certificates), in accordance with European and Greek legislation.

Furthermore, the attached document sets out the terms and conditions governing the issuance of of the recognized digital signature / stamp certificate, which will be referred to as the "Certificate of which completes and agrees with the corresponding Certificate Policy (PP or CP Certificate Policy) in accordance with European and Greek legislation.

Subscriber Agreement